NPU: Nokia X30 可能配備 Snapdragon 695、1億像素 Pureview 相機

Nokia X 系列超過一年未有新一代產品推出,Nokia X20、Nokia X10 開始有店鋪減價清貨,HMD Global 至今仍未表示會否推出後繼型號。最近著名 Nokia 消息網站 NokiaPowerUser 有一篇專題文章比較 Nokia X20 與 Nokia XR20,同時預測 Nokia X 系列新產品的規格及功能,當中大膽估計 HMD 有機會轉用系列較高的 Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 處理器,以及採用1億像素鏡頭,配上 Pureview 品牌,型號則命名為 Nokia X30。

Man 認為該推測內容部分合理,不如讓 Man 為大家逐點分析、評論。





Assuming that they follow the naming convention above, there are 2 two main possibilities. The refreshed SD480+ processor has nothing much to offer in terms of processing and camera capability. It should offer a better gaming experience in general and some improvements in connectivity. So, does it actually deserve a jump in the naming convention? If this happens, then it is quite likely to follow what the leaks have stated, the X21.  But the question is,  how would they price them as there isn’t much difference in what the SD480+  can offer to differentiate it from the current X line up. So, the setup would be quite similar to the current X offerings with a possibility of high refresh rate screen as the G21 already offers this.Do note that the current X series are still up to get the next major Android update.

The next possibility is the major jump in the naming convention, with the possibility of  introducing a more potent mid range processor, the SD695. It is not entirely impossible for this to be announced as the Nokia X30 perhaps. This is also  likely as it would actually have a more clearer distinction with the current X line up, thereby justifying its purchase at the intended price point. This will also usher in more powerful configuration with supports for QC quick charge 4+ to compliment larger battery, a fast refresh rate up to 120Hz, and possibly the introduction of a 108MP sensor which would be a first for Nokia device. This would certainly generate more interest among current Nokia fans and attract new customers. So, if we were to entertain this in a hypothetical situation, it is also possible that the newer sensor could use the Pureview branding which corroborate with their cryptic tweet previously. It is even possible that the XR and X series to be merge as a single device instead. So, a proper midrange processing power, with a solid build quality, with Pureview branding and possibly a unique design somehow related to the venerable Nokia N9?


翻譯並整理重點,附上 Man 見解如下:

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 480+ 或 Snapdragon 695 處理器
    • Man: 個人認為,去年 Nokia 手機因 Snapdragon 480 處理器遭受大量批評,原因在於系列級別太低,即使性能再好,還是無法改變消費者的觀感。吸收重要教訓之後,相信 HMD 已從經驗學習,所以使用 Snapdragon 480+ 機會極微。相反,Snapdragon 695 機會較大,亦可讓手機賣個更好價錢。
  • Nokia X30
    • Man: 可能性高,Man 曾於 YouTube Channel 提過,Nokia X 系列新產品規格可能比 Nokia X20 大有進步,故數字上應該比 20 更大,順便賣得更貴。Nokia X30 命名合理,Nokia X31 亦可。
  • QC Quick Charge 4+ 快速充電
    • Man: 沒有評論,但新手機應該支援更高的充電輸出,之前的 18W 實在過時,如果多於 30W 則能夠增加產品競爭力,追上其他主流品牌。
  • 容量更大的電池
    • Man: 電池容量與機身尺寸、重量大有關係,配備 6000mAh 的 Nokia C30 太厚太笨重,相信沒有人喜歡吧?
  • 120Hz 螢幕
    • Man: 沒有頭緒,直覺判斷可能不大。希望 HMD Global 嘗試使用 AMOLED 螢幕,而非 LCD。
  • 1.08億像素相機鏡頭
    • Man: 沒有頭緒,直覺判斷可能不大。
  • Pureview
    • Man: 上一部 Pureview 已經是兩年前的 Nokia 8.3 5G,一早就應該讓 Pureview 再現江湖。
  • XR 與 X 系列二合為一
    • Man: 不太合理的想法,據說 Nokia XR20 銷量甚佳,市場口碑不俗,HMD 投放不少資源塑造這個三防系列,想不到為何要合拼成一款手機
  • 類似 Nokia N9 的設計
    • Man: 更加不合理,印象中 Nokia N9 外觀設計專利仍在 Microsoft 手上。


大家期待 Nokia X30 嗎? 高通 Snapdragon 695 能夠滿足需要嗎? 相信 Nokia X 系列將於今年第三季發布,記得緊貼 ManHungTech 最新消息。


來源: NokiaPowerUser



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